Formulas for P&L planning tool

ueCalc uses excel formula format when modelling a P&L plan.

The formulas are using to create a roster, as well as to add additional costs to the plan.

To enter a formula, start filling in a cell with the = sign, and then enter a mathematical expression.

The expression can contain numbers, mathematical characters +, -, *, /, brackets, variables and functions.

The variables are the P&L plan parameters (it's marked with a grey circle; the name of the variable is shown when pointing).

Currently, ueCalc supports the following functions: roundup, rounddown, roundp, roundp, mod, abs, sqrt. In this case, all functions have only one parameter at the input.

ueCalc suport this variables:, ua.old, ue.churn,, c1, apc, cr, cogs, 1scogs, cpa,, b.old, b.churn,, avp, revenue, ac, salary, varcosts, costs, result.


=roundup(*100) – 100 for the each new customer

=roundup(*100)+5000 – 100 for the each customer and 5000

=roundp(revenue*0.05) – 5% from revenue